Body milk 

This moisturising body milk softens the skin. To prevent dehydration in every type of skin. Apply the body milk daily after cleansing, massage it into the skin lightly.

Ref. 40040

Deodorant spray  

Controls transpiration by regulating the sweat glands. Protects, softens and calms the sensitive skin. Apply liberally under the arms after your daily bath/shower.

Ref. 40045


A mild shampoo for daily use. Makes combing easier and softens the hair. Your hair will look glossy and it will shine again. Rinse out well, repeatingly if necessary. Regular use gives the best results.

Ref. 40050

Lip balm  

This Lip balm protects against UV radiation and has an antiseptic effect. The lips are intensely hydrated and nourished.

Ref. 40061

Body scrub  

The fragments in this mild scrub remove the dead and dry skin cells from the epidermis in an efficient manner and give the skin a soft and smooth appearance again.

Ref. 40065