Tea Tree oil 

A healing oil on a natural basis. The oil can be used in many ways and is safe for most types of skin. Rich tea tree oil softens the skin.

Ref. 40035

Cleansing milk  

Cleans and purifies the pores so that all impurities and remains of make-up are removed. This cleansing milk restores the balance of grease production.

Ref. 40010


Removes the last remains of cleansing milk and other impurities. Calms the skin and regulates excess grease production.

Ref. 40011

Hand and face wash  

A washing gel for deep cleansing. Removes impurities and regulates grease production. Makes the skin soft and supple.

Ref. 40020

Enzymatic peeling  

This enzymatic (rub-off) peeling quickly removes dead skin cells and surface impurities. It is also highly suitable for skin with unbalanced sebaceous gland functioning. Skin feels soft and flexibel again.

Ref. 40022

Spot corrector  

The Spot Corrector is a pen specifically designed to clear up blemishes quickly. It contains active ingredients for rapid skin regeneration. Use of the spot corrector can also help reduce scarring.

Ref. 40023

24 hour cream 

This 24 hour cream regulates moisture and grease production. Also softens and moisturises the skin. Protects sensitive skin.

Ref. 40025

Fluid 24 hour cream 

This Fluid 24-hour cream has a light, non-greasy texture and regulates the moisture and the sebum production of the skin. It also has a soothing and hydrating effect.

Ref. 40026


The Courtin mask calms, moisturises and softens problem skin. Cleanse the skin with Courtin wash gel or cleansing milk. Dab spots with Courtin 100% pure tea tree oil.

Ref. 40030

Lip balm  

This Lip balm protects against UV radiation and has an antiseptic effect. The lips are intensely hydrated and nourished.

Ref. 40061