Tea Tree oil 

A healing oil on a natural basis. The oil can be used in many ways and is safe for most types of skin. Rich tea tree oil softens the skin.

Ref. 40035

Rub-off peeling  

This rub-off peeling quickly removes dead skin and surface impurities. Stimulates cell renewal and makes the skin smooth and soft again.

Ref. 40021

Hand and foot cream 

This cream, based on tea tree oil, has a cleansing and nourishing effect. The cream also takes care of purifying and softening your feet.

Ref. 40028

Chapped skin cream  

This cream helps prevent chapped skin and promotes regeneration. It is also very suitable for raw skin on the top of the feet.

Ref. 40100

Foot bath  

For intensive cleansing and refreshment of tired feet. The skin feels smooth and fresh again.

Ref. 40105

Ice gel 

For refreshing tired, over-worked and burning feet and legs. The ice gel is absorbed by the skin immediately and is not greasy. Prevents unpleasant odours and stimulates surface circulation.

Ref. 40115

Nail oil 

Contains very caring and effective substances that work preventively to stop split nails. Gives the nails their natural shine back.

Ref. 40125

Refreshing foot mousse  

The unique formula has a quadruple effect. The Courtin refreshing foot mousse reduces perspiration of feet, protects sensitive skin against athlete’s foot, reduces the formation of odour, and cares for affected skin.

Ref. 40140

Foot deodorant spray 

Long-lasting foot refresher and deodorant. Hydrating and soothing actions. Neutralises any unpleasant odours. Spray the foot deodorant on and under dry feet, particularly between the toes.

Ref. 40145