Total footcare


The Courtin Footcare range is characterised by the addition of Tea Tree oil to all products. This makes the Courtin Footcare products particularly effective in the treatment of many skin and nail problems including calluses, eczema and scaly nails. To complement the salon treatments, the Courtin products are also available for home-use.


Courtin Tea Tree oil 100% pure

Tea Tree oil 100% pure

The Courtin Pure Tea Tree Oil is the purest form of Tea tree oil. The essential oil forms the basis for Courtin Skincare and Footcare products and is also known as First Aid in a bottle due to its versatile use.

The oil consists of Melaleuca Alternifolia Leaf Oil and Limonene. The ingredient Limonene is part of the ingredient Melaleuca Alternifolia Leaf Oil and should therefore be listed separately on the ingredient list. The 100% pure oil can be used for various purposes.


Various instructions, see Use of Tea Tree oil.

Please note! Courtin Pure Tea Tree oil is only intended for external use!


Courtin Footbath

Foot bath

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Mix 1 tablespoon of gel with approximately 4 litres of water and bathe the feet in it for 5 minutes. Then dry thoroughly and care with Courtin foot cream.


Courtin Hand and Face wash

Wash gel for hand & face

The wash gel with a deep cleansing effect matches both skincare and footcare. It removes impurities and regulates fat secretion. It makes the skin soft and supple.

Suitable for cleaning hands, face and body.


Apply the wash gel generously and distribute with a little water. Rinse with plenty of running water. Optionally, refresh with Courtin Lotion.


Courtin Rub-off peeling

Rub-off peeling

This skincare peeling removes dead skin cells and superficial impurities. Supports the healing capacity of the skin and makes the skin smooth and soft again. Suitable for both face and feet.

For removing dead skin cells without using a grain. 


Apply the peeling to well-cleansed skin, leave for 5 minutes and massage using light, rotating movements with fingertips, until the peeling can be peeled off. Rinse with lukewarm / warm water. Refresh the skin with cotton pads with Courtin Lotion.


Courtin Hand and foot cream

Hand and foot cream

This cream with a base of Tea Tree oil has a caring effect. The cream also gives a softening result.

Suitable for daily use in case of dry and rough hands and feet.


Apply to dry feet daily after bath or shower and massage into skin.


Courtin Chapped skin cream

Chapped skin cream

The perfect care cream for feet with strong, distracted calluses that can lead to cracks and fissures when dehydrated. With regular use, the fissure cream softens the calluses. Helps prevent gaps and promotes recovery. Also very suitable for rough skin on top of the feet. Suitable for dry feet (or hands) with a lot of calluses and / or gaps.


Apply to dry feet daily after bath or shower and massage into skin. If necessary, apply Pure Tea Tree oil to the fissures with a cotton swab for extra care.


Courtin Icegel

Ice gel

For refreshing tired, heavily loaded, swollen and / or burning feet and legs. The ice gel is directly absorbed by the skin and leaves no fat film. Cools the skin and works hygienically due the addition of alcohol. Reduces unpleasant odours and improves microcirculation.


When the feet or legs burn and feel tired, gently massage from the sole of the foot towards the thigh. Especially on the swollen parts. Can also be used to prevent unpleasant odours coming from the feet in combination with the Courtin foot deodorant spray.


Courtin Nail oil

Nail oil

Contains very caring and active substances, which help to prevent split nails. Cares for the cuticles, nail bed and possibly skin and or wounds. Gives the nails their natural shine. Suitable for the nails of hands and feet.


Apply once a day and massage for a few minutes, until the oil is absorbed by the nail.


Courtin Footdeodorant-spray

Foot deodorant spray

Refreshes and deodorises the feet for a longer time. Hydrating and soothing. Neutralises any odours.


To be used as daily care of the feet. Spray the foot deodorant on dry feet at the top and bottom and rub it in (especially also between the toes). Can also be used as a spray in the shoes to prevent unpleasant odours or to refresh the shoes