Tea Tree Oil

Original Australian Tea Tree

What is Australian Tea Tree oil?

Tea Tree oil is originally from Australia and is a product of the leaves of the Melaleuca Alternifolia. Tens of kilos of tea tree leaves are needed to obtain a few drops of essential oil. Using distillation, a very natural production method with strict quality controls, it ensures a product purity of 100%.

Courtin - Tea Tree olie


The Melaleuca alternifolia tree grows in New South Wales in Australia and in parts of New Zealand and New Guinea. The tree grows about 8 metres tall and belongs to the myrtle family, which also includes cloves and guava. It has needles and stays green all year round.

The name TeaTree originated in 1770. After an expedition to Australia, James Cook took some leaves back to England. He made tea of them and this is where the name TeaTree came from.

During WWII, TeaTree oil was often used to treat wounds, but with the advent of antibiotics, this method slowly faded into the background


The scent of the essential oil is like camphor and eucalyptus, but becomes more spicy and woody after the first odour molecules have evaporated.


Precisely because it is a pure and natural product, the colour of the pure oil can vary from colourless to light yellow.


The oil has a particularly beneficial effect. It can be applied to the skin either in its pure form or diluted, treating various disorders. Extra Courtin Pure Tea Tree oil can also be added to other Courtin products to get a higher concentration of Tea Tree oil. Please note that using more does not enhance the effectiveness of Tea Tree oil. Therefore, use it in moderation.

Use of Tea Tree oil

Courtin pure Tea Tree oil can be used in many ways. Below are a number of recommendations and options for using the oil. Remember not to use too much and to count the drops well. More drops do not work better or faster. Allow nature time to work.

Information before use

Please note! Courtin Pure Tea Tree oil is only intended for external use!

Allergy test

Rub 1 drop of oil in the elbow cavity and wait for 48 hours for the skin to respond. If the skin turns red, itches or if it burns, do not continue to use the oil. If necessary, repeat the allergy test by diluting the oil and using it watered down.


Wash your hands thoroughly after use, so that the oil can never comeinto contact with eyes or contact lenses.


The oil does not irritate normal skin and is not toxic with normal use. Use only diluted oil during pregnancy and with babies (up to 18 months). This also applies to pets, but beware: Tea Tree oil is toxic to cats! So never use this oil on your cat.



Use the oil pure or slightly diluted on the condition or area to be treated.


Put a few drops of oil on a handkerchief, sheets or fragrance lamp. Place a damp cloth with a few drops of oil on the radiator or in the evaporation pan to purify the air.


Add 2 - 3 drops of oil to the bath water, possibly combined with the Courtin hand and face cleansing gel.


Create a solution of 2 - 4 drops of oil with 100 ml water and a little Courtin cleansing gel for hand and face. Stir well. Soak the compress cloth in the solution and press it on the appropriate place for a few minutes; repeat several times. Adjust the temperature of the water to the condition to be treated.


For a massage, the Tea Tree oil must always be mixed with another product.

- Body massage

For the body it is advisable to add a few drops of oil to the Courtin body milk.

- Face massage

For the face it is advisable to add a few drops to the Courtin 24-hour cream. For the face, use a concentration of max. 3% essential oil.